31 August 2003
In Anniversary of 1988 Massacre of Political Prisoners In Iran

September 1st is the anniversary of the day when political prisoners of
Iran were horrifically massacred. The day that with a direct mandate from
Khomeine himself more than ten thousands political prisoners in different prisons
of the country were sent to fire squads. 15 years after this tragic slaughter
still the families of those prisoners have not been able to locate the graves
of their love ones. The regime in Iran has kept everything regarding this
terrifying event as a top secret, and is unwilling to release any accurate report
on the massacre of the defenseless political prisoners. Thousands of their
family members tirelessly are still in search of their love ones.

September 1st not only is the anniversary of the executions which took
place without any court trial or due process, but at the same time shows the
ultimate savageness of the Islamic Republic of Iran. For the people of Iran
commemorating the martyrs of this horrific carnage is part of the unspeakable
and horrifying misery and suffering that they have gone through since the
inception of the Islamic regime. The very same regime which sends the country’s
intellectuals and freedom lovers to fire squads, suppresses the ethnic minorities
in Turkmenistan, Kurdistan, Balochestan, Azerbaijan, Khosestan, and even the
Fars tribes. The same regime which continues to crackdown any democratic
resistance anywhere in the country. The anniversary of the September 1st is
the reminder of one of the most violent dictatorial regimes in the recent
history. September 1st reminds us the days where the regime after failing to
no longer continue 8 years of war with Iraq returns to prison cells. To
silence the voice of freedom once again the regime returns to prisons to slaughter
the defenseless prisoners, only and only to strengthen its very survival.

Now, even 15 years after this horrific massacre still the Islamic Republic of
Iran gets pampered and protected by the world capitalist block. Organizations
such as the United Nations take no serious action towards the undergoing
repression in Iran. In reality, as long as the world’s major powers have a vast
amount of interests invested in Iran, any opposition coming from organizations
such as UN goes no further than few visits to industrial sites or exchange of
few speeches. It is not without reason that still the true revolutionary
prisoners are sent to fire squads in silence and no one hears nothing coming out of
prisons to reflect the voice of these prisoners. No information gets released
and the destiny of those being arrested remains unknown. What usually gets
reported, if anything at all, in western media, and in local media in Iran, is
mostly centered around few prisoners from government’s own opposition
factions. Mainly prisoners from "reformist" faction of the government who are
considered as part of the system and usually receive special treatments while being in

The only way to secure the release of all the political prisoners, and
disclose all the documents regarding the past secret killings and eliminations is to
topple the regime. Perhaps that is the only way to completely free the people
of Iran from tyranny of the theocrats controlling the power apparatus. It is
time for the revolutionary forces, by learning from the past experiences, to
unite and strengthen the pillars of their ongoing struggle against the regime.

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