1 May 2002

Honoring May Day, Day of International Solidarity for Workers.


The glorious May Day has arrived. Workers of the world, in honoring the victory of the workers in America in May 1886, celebrate this historical day. The importance of the street demonstrations, and rallies organized by the workers in this day, shows the unity, and the international solidarity of the working class against their class enemy, capitalism. United struggle of the workers in the world is an outcry for democracy, freedom, and a strong determination for removal of capitalism, and establishment of socialism.

Because of he theocratic and dictatorial regime of Islamic Republic the workers of Iran are prohibited to hold their free rallies and demonstration. Every year the Islamic Republic of Iran by using its ant-labor organizations tries to call for formal and government-supported rallies to prevent and divert any genuine workers' gatherings. It has been a while that due to lack of independent worker organizations, the working class of Iran has been unable to effectively impact the socio-political events of the society. Prison, torture, and executions have always been direct answers to tireless struggle of the workers in Iran, both in Shah's regime and under the Islamic Republic. The Islamic Republic of Iran like other capitalist regime has always been widely advertising the demise of socialism and communism among the general public, workers, and the young generation.

Despite all the regime's propaganda against communism, belief in socialism among workers has not dissipated. A need for a revolutionary change in the society, and defending democracy, and socialism has strengthen among workers. In the aftermath of the Soviet Union collapse a lot of joy and celebration was seen in the world of capitalism. Even though it has been more than a decade that the world of capitalism has enforced its domination all over the world, but there has been no major change in people's standard of livings. In contrast, poverty, war, and insecurity have drastically deepened. A material condition for promoting the ideas of socialism among workers and masses keep growing in the society.

Today, the working class of Iran is under a horrendous socio-economic condition. Propaganda by the anti-labor institutions in the Islamic Republic of Iran, such as: Department of Labor, and House of Labor, does not represent the workers of Iran. These are used as a state apparatus in the hands of the theocratic ruling class to repress the workers movement. Unfortunately in a repressive and dictatorial environment in recent years, establishing contacts and moving towards solidarity among different sectors of the society has been minimal. Given all these, the government has not been able to destroy all the contacts and isolate the people. Even with the existence of Islamic Associations in factories and constant police repression, the government has not been able to draw the movement towards isolation, and break the Iran's labor movement. Despite all the pressures and police crackdowns in last few years, there has been many labor strikes. A prompt and timely show of solidarity between workers and the teachers' movement last February articulates the political participation of the workers. Now workers are preparing themselves for another show of unity in May the 2nd, the Teachers Day in Iran.

Under these conditions, real solution for all the sufferings of the working class is directly related to the total removal of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Is now more than 23 years that the people of Iran are suffering from the savage and destructive policies of the Islamic Republic. It is hard to find an Iranian family who has not suffered from the evil policies of the regime, or their happiness hasn't been taken away. Monstrous Islamic Republic has corrupted the society and constantly is after creating regional crisis. Eight years of war with Iraq destroyed many people's homes and livelihood. Destructive consequences of this horrific war still are visible everywhere. Stubborn policies of the regime, which left millions dead, wounded, and homeless has been a heavy burden on people's shoulders until now. Dark memories of the brutal massacre of the political prisoners in 1988 which left many families in grief and loss of love ones still can be remembered. Suffering and hardship, which are the direct consequences of unemployment, poverty, and destitution, has engulfed millions of people, especially the young generation. Spread of drugs, prostitution and many other social problems are all created by the Islamic Republic. With the inception of the Islamic Republic in Iran, lives of millions have been drawn into poverty and destitution.

Factional fighting which has been under way in last few years between the two rival factions, one headed by Khamenie and the other by Khatami has completely turned into a victory for Khamenie. Most of the capable and useful elements of the Khatami's faction, such as Karrobi, and Khatami himself, have joined the rival faction, and have become a mouthpiece in promoting the idea's of the spiritual leader, Khamenie.

Even in a situation like this European countries have not stopped supporting the regime of Iran. In contrast, by making millions of dollars of loans and exporting advanced technology to Iran they have been backing the ruling government. Iran's lucrative markets seems very intriguing to the thirsty eyes of European companies. It is hard for them to overlook the chap and lucrative resources of Iran. The heavy burden of all these imperialistic dealings and willing, from both political and economic perspective, is felt on the shoulders of people of Iran.

The U.S. imperialism, now more than any other times, is after creating wars everywhere, especially in the Middle East region. Complete U.S. support for the raciest crimes committed by Israel has turned into genocide against Palestinians. Arial Sharon as a butcher of Sabra and Shatila is now proud of his "victories" in Genin, Malta, Beleham, Nablous, Ramallah….. like Hitler who also was proud and joyous when he occupied Poland. Not knowing that the people of the world are angered and disheartened by all these criminal conducts.

In a situation like this, the working class of Iran is greeting and welcoming the May Day. With the hope to spread its unity, to solidify its position, and build a democratic society on the ashes of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Long Live the International Solidarity of the Workers.

Organization of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas (OIPFG).


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