Honoring May 1st, International Workers Day

Today is the victorious anniversary of the May 1st, 1886. The day that showed the solidarity and determination of the workers in America against the capitalist system. In this historic day workers displayed their united and strong resolute in fighting the capitalist system and moving towards socialism.

In Iran is now more than a quarter of a century that a theocratic regime is ruling the nation. This regime doesn’t respect and recognize any of the people’s democratic rights and freedoms which are respected by the international community. Iranian workers are prohibited from having their own independent organizations. Workers’ assemblies and gatherings are crushed brutally by the government. Workers are banned from organizing or going on strike.

Despite acknowledging and recognizing May 1st as a historic day by large majority of the nations around the world, and declaring this day as a national holiday, the ruling regime in Iran prohibits any form of independent rallies, demonstrations, or strikes by the workers in this day. The Islamic Republic in order to deceive the public and pretend support for workers, every year by organizing its own ceremonial gatherings which are controlled by the government organizations tries to prevent any genuine workers movement from emerging.

Throughout the life of the Islamic Regime, propaganda machine of the government along with the world imperialist mouthpieces, have bombarded the working class and communism with their propagandas. In past several years the regime in Iran with the help of some anti-socialist traitors has flooded the publication market with its anti-socialist propaganda books and advertisings. Government officials throughout the years have tried to sell these absurd propaganda publications as achievements of the Iran’s communist movement in recent decades. Directors and operators of the propaganda apparatus along with the world imperialism have been organizing and conducting these campaigns against the founders of socialism and their true believers in order to ridicule and belittle the teachings of the Marxism-Leninism. To pursue this policy the rulers of the Islamic Republic have been trying to condone and discredit the victorious sacrifices of the revolutionary organizations in overthrowing the former monarchist regime.

The regime of the Islamic Republic wants to deny the existence of the communist movement, and working class struggle in Iran. This regime as one of the most reactionary governments, which is unique and historically unprecedented form of governments, and despite all its notorious conducts, still gets recognized by the world community. Those countries which always claim support for “human rights” are the main partners of the regime. European Union in a clear and overt economic competition with the United States has always been on the side of the Iran’s government. Europeans as one of the defenders and supporters of the Islamic Republic in international scenes in both political and economic front have always supported the regime. Some European countries such as France, have gone even beyond this and have started supporting and cooperating with the regime in intelligence and security fronts. Although, the supporters of the “human rights” every year in the United Nations and elsewhere talk about the regime as one of the violators of the human rights, but in practice with the justification of having a “critical dialog” deal with the regime in front of the public eyes. No doubt, as long as the economic interests of the Europeans dictate their daily policies, this dubious policy continues.

US imperialism that sees its economic interests in medieval type military deployments is now stuck in a killing quagmire in ancient nation of Iraq. This desperation has forced the US to secretly deal with the Islamic Republic more than ever. Even though the relation with the regime in Iran has been there from the day that the Islamic Republic became to power, but this relation has become stronger over the years. In the course of the recent events in Iraq, and continued arm resistance of the people of Iraq the unity between Sunnis and Shiites is in much wider and brighter scope. This situation has left US with no choice but to shamelessly leave Iraq. Although, thus far, US always has denied any role for the UN, but recently is asking for more UN involvement.

In recent months major blows inflected on US forces has forced the US allies such as Spain, Dominican Republic, and Honduras to pull out their forces from Iraq. Other US allies also are contemplating to pull out their forces one after another. Iraq has become a center of resistance that demands all the revolutionary and progressive forces to have a clear and distinctive position confronting the expansionist policies of the US. This center of resistance will eventually prevail over the colonial polices of the US, and Britain.

Military deployment by the US, and Britain with the justification of bringing democracy for Iraqis has turned out to be another dictatorial and authoritarian government under the US supervision and control. Paul Bremer is a direct appointee of the Pentagon in Iraq and is responsible for some of the heinous and brutal acts against the people of Iraq. Today, no honest person can deny the fact that savagery and killings by the Americans in Iraq is to exploit and plunder the oil and natural resources of that country. It is in this regard, that the oppressed people of Iraq, from victorious Flouja to Baghdad, from Karbala to Najaf, and allover Iraq have risen and picked up arms against US imperialism and its allies.

US imperialism now has started giving promises to Islamic Republic of Iran in regards to the Shiites’ dominating role in future Iraq. The US wants with the help of Iran to mitigate and calm the people’s fury over US policies, and gradually start pulling out of Iraq with less embarrassment. Although dealing with Iran was always there and has continued throughout the years, but recent events, contrary to Iran’s wishes, has united Sunnis and Shiites more than ever. This way secret dealings between the United States and Iran will become less and less effective as time goes by.

Islamic Republic now is realizing it will benefit more if it keeps its pretentious “anti-imperialism” postures by defending the holy sites in cities such as Karbala and Najaf. From the moment that the Islamic Republic increased its support for the Shiites, US also increased its policy of pressure towards Iran by reactivating the Iran’s atomic case in the UN Security Council.

Meanwhile, the rulers of the Islamic Republic seeing a window of opportunity here, when the world’s attention is on Iraq, by dealing with America, swept away the rival faction (“reformists and pro-West” faction) from the government. Despite some mild criticism coming from Europeans, and Americans, Iran’s Guardian Council, and the spiritual leader Ali Khamenie managed to eliminate the “reformist” elements from the government apparatus. In this political game, the US not only sent back some of the pro-US elements to their homes, but at the same time gave an open hand to Iran for more involvements in Iraq’s affaires.


Past lessons and experiences of the international workers movement shows defending Marxism-Leninism with unity and resisting anti-socialist centers and factions can help to pave the path towards an independent workers organization. Our organized work towards our revolutionary beliefs is a necessary step in our struggle to overthrow the Islamic Republic of Iran. Those groups who under the name of Marxism and communism, deny and condone any role for the workers in Iran’s recent history, those who belittle the workers demands, and those who deny any historic role for the working class in Iran’s future democratic revolution , do nothing but to be an obstacles confronting the workers movement. These groups who have emerged over the years as byproducts of the Iran’s internal political events serve no one but the ruling bourgeoisie. They attempt to take away and deny the revolutionary sacrifices of the past with the hope that this will turn away the workers from socialism.

In this situation we must direct and organize our class struggle against the world imperialism headed by US imperialism, and the ruling reactionaries in Iran. Revolutionary workers movement throughout the history has always defended the democratic rights, and national interests of the people.

Being united helps our common struggle. Having a right position and acknowledging the tasks and responsibilities ahead of us adds to the spirit of our ongoing struggle.

Long live the international solidarity of the workers.

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