Saddam Hussein Is Captured

After months of hit-and-run fighting, Saddam Hussein the former president of Iraq, is captured. Despite Sadam’s role in Iraq’s past tyranny, it doesn’t seem his capture will be an end to the people’s miseries, and sufferings. It is now almost a year that Iraq is occupied by America and Britain. Throughout this time people of Iraq have shown great determination and support for freedom and democracy in their nation apart from any political party or political figure. Arm struggle coming from different sectors of the society against the occupiers shows that the people have no tolerance for any form of occupation.

Saddam’s capture may help the upcoming elections in America, especially helping the shaky position of Mr. Bush in his next election. On the other hand, his capture doesn’t seem to have any impact on people’s determination to give up their rights for having a free and democratic nation similar to other nations in the world. People of Iraq have the right to choose the type of their government, even if that choice happens to be a wrong choice. As same is true for most other nations in the world where the government in power usually is not a true representative of the people. Taking away people’s right in choosing their government not only violates people’s basic rights, but also is against the sovereignty and freedom of that nation. Occupation of Iraq has inflected many irreversible political and economic damages on the people of this ancient country. Lack of national independence has damaged the people’s pride. In a near future, unfolding events in Iraq will prove that Saddam’s capture will not have any major impact on people’s increasing resistance. With all the political hoopla, and advertising going on these days the resistance in Iraq will continue until the occupiers leave that nation.

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