24 Hours after the Devastating Earthquake in Bam, No Help Has Reached the Surrounding Villages.

The scale and the magnitude of the catastrophic earthquake in Bam is much more than what the official news agencies of the regime are claiming. With all the relief supplies going only to the city of Bam itself, local residents and relatives of the victims believe a very large number of dead bodies are still remain trapped under piles of rubbles.

Based on the numbers from last census, more than 140,000 of Bam’s residents live in the surrounding villages, and the entire relief supplies have been targeted for the city of Bam itself. Even in the city of Bam the relief supply is very minimal and insufficient. Many have simply lost their lives only due to lack of basic facilities such as heating appliances and shelters to keep them out of freezing cold.

All the roads leading to Bam have been blocked by the government forces, and only relief convoys and government forces are allowed to go through. Few transport planes and helicopters designated for this matter are not sufficient enough for transferring all the injured. Government is preventing public voluntary relief help to reach the region. Some of the wounded have been transferred to hospitals in Shiraz, Esfahan, Tehran, Ardakan, and other cities. Government has cut off all the relief help going from other cities to Bam.

Until this last report, there is no accurate count on the death toll. From the early indications it was clear, with 90% of the city being destroyed, this number will reach tens of thousands. Foreign reporters are estimating the death toll to reach more than 30 thousands. Some of the government officials privately are afraid that the death tool could rise to more than 50, 000. Meanwhile wrath of the nature has added to all the government oppressions and injustices. People with no basic faculties have to spend their nights out in 5 &Mac251;C freezing desert temperature. Frequent government news announcements and official comments from the government want to calm down the people and prevent any public unrest. Despite government fears, huge turn out by the people of Tehran to donate blood and other basic necessities, show the great unity among the people. In these conditions, with all the limitations, restrictions, and dangers imposed with the oppressive policies of the Islamic Republic of Iran, we should utilize all the means available to us to rush to the help of the survivors of Bam and its surrounding villages.

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