(Political) Nobel Peace Prize Given to a Nonpolitical Person

Who and what forces with what intentions are behind the Nobel peace prize is a questionable subject, which requires more in-depth discussion. In future we will try to shed more light on this issue and elaborate on the true character of the individuals chosen to receive the prize.

Mrs. Shirin Ebadi, the winner of the 2003 Nobel peace prize, repeatedly has announced that she is not a political person. In some of her recent announcements she has emphasized, over and over, that she doesn't see no contradiction between Islam and democracy. It obviously seems, in her judgment, the crimes committed by the Islamic Republic of Iran for a quarter of century have never happened and never existed. In reality this prize has been given to one of the factions of the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran, not to a peace loving, progressive, true democracy believer. Oddly so, Mrs. Ebadi seems displeased that why this prize is not given to the leader of the faction namely Mr. Mohammad Khatami, the incumbent president. Her "nonpolitical" activities go back to a secrete interview conducted with one of the former members of the Hezbollah (i.e., the party of God) in Iran. The tape of this interview was later secretly distributed and its content and intentions never became clear for public. This interview was with Farshad Ebrahimi, friend and deputy assistant of Hassan Allahkaram one of the leaders of the thuggish Hezbollah groups in Iran. Even if the questionable claims made by Farshad Ebrahimi in that secret interview were correct, does that really qualify Mrs. Ebadi for wining the Nobel peace prize? The real question is, what goes on behind the theatrical puppet show conducted by the major world powers in their collaborations with the government in Iran? In last few months Mrs. Ebadi repeatedly and openly has invited the opposition forces, those confronting the government, to pursue a policy of silence. She is not ashamed to bluntly announce that she is in favor of the government institution in its entirety, and has no plan weakening the regime in Iran.

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