Boycotting the Sham Parliament Election in Iran

Once again the propaganda machine of the two dominant government factions is geared up to lure the people to the ballot boxes. It was clear from day one, from the very inception of the regime of Islamic Republic, that with the creation of the Parliament of Islamic Council (i.e., Madjless), people are going to lose all their voting rights and are going to have no role in the legislation process. Repeating this scenario in last six parliament elections has mad the people well aware of the government’s deceiving and fraudulent electoral process. This time people are more vigilant than ever, and with all the determination will brush away the luring demands of the regime.

In last many years, contrary to all the democratic principles and values, nominees introduced as people’s representatives had to go through many of the electoral filters set up by the Council of Guardians. They had to be checked for their level of devotion to reactionary and superstitious beliefs. Infightings between the two dominant factions of the government, “reformists” and “conservatives”, which have recently intensified, are not over democracy or people’s interests. This fight stems from the factional interests and serves no one but the government itself. Those known as “reformists”, who always been strongly backed by the imperialists and the West, have long lost their real control of power. This faction with the help of the imperialist powers is to deceive the people for reaching its own factional goals. Architects and policy makers of the group make frequent visits to European countries and have been getting more direct and open support from the West. Devoted and dedicated elements of this faction such as Mirdamadi, the incumbent parliament representative, feels no shame to use the dissatisfaction of the West regarding the election in Iran as a scare tactic against the other rival faction. With no doubt these types of diehards and devoted figureheads are good candidates for the West to train them for “Loya Jirga” type democracy as in Afghanistan.

“Conservatives” led by Khamenie, Iran’s spiritual leader, who have been able to emphatically force out the rival faction from the key governmental positions, are themselves deeply disliked by the people. Public discontent towards “conservatives” has gone beyond the daily public protests, in some cases it has reached the level of direct confrontation with the regime. This branch of the government by trying to unify its forces wants to take control of the initiatives in dealings with the West and America. Meanwhile the Europeans and America have given up on fruitless support of Iran’s monarchists. The West sees its economic and political interests in direct dealing with the current government of Iran. It is not too out of context that Colin Powell in his recent statement had no mention of Iran’s human rights violations. His criticisms went no further than the issue of Israel and US concerns for Iran’s atomic programs. Concerns and sensitivity for human right issues coming from the European Union has faded in recent remarks made by the EU representatives.

In current situation, with all the events rapidly taking place, the only way for the people of Iran to free themselves from all types of oppression is to topple the regime of the Islamic Republic. We must utilize all the means and use all the right opportunities to accomplish this enormous task. In this regard, boycotting the upcoming parliament election, and not participating in it will be a major blow to the foundations of the regime forcing it more towards further isolation. Boycotting the election will further pave the road for future uprisings and helps to strengthen the struggle against the regime.

15 Jan 2004

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