Nuclear crisis between Iran and Israel

25 August 2004

Suspicions that regime is Iran is moving forward with its nuclear arms program has caused concerns and tensions both in Israel and Iran. Despite the covert relationship between the theocratic and Zionist regimes of Iran and Israel and despite frequent purchases of Israeli made weapons by the dictatorial regime of Iran, now the nuclear crisis between the two has made them to threaten each other militarily.

Recent repeated threats coming from Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are taken seriously by the Sharon’s administration. Meanwhile, affirmations by the Hezbollah in Lebanon of being equipped by the Iran’s long-ranged missiles have escalated the seriousness of the threats. Israel, which for so many years with the US support has managed to prevent Arab nations from attaining nuclear technologies now by making same justifications and same propagandas, wants to stop Iran from reaching nuclear capabilities.

Putting aside the criminal nature of the regime in Iran and its deep animosities towards freedom lovers, people of Iran have the right to advance and make progress in all fields of science, and technology including nuclear science. Who has honored Israel and America with this privilege, something that nobody else can have!?

Perhaps for those who seek the downfall of the Iran’s regime in London and Washington, preventing Iran from having nuclear technology might sound enchanting. In contrary, for people of Iran and its revolutionary forces who seek the downfall of the regime without any foreign intervention and dependency to foreign powers, and want that to happen with people’s participation, preventing Iran from reaching nuclear capabilities and giving in to Israel pressures is a huge mistake.

We should never forget the day after overthrowing the regime all the today's problems and setbacks not only in nuclear science but also in technology, economy, politics, and culture will all be on people’s shoulders to carry. Therefore, achievements in science and technology should not be credited towards regime’s achievements and victories. If this line of thinking prevails and becomes a public perception then it can become a pretext for the imperialists to attack our country or more than ever try to stop us from advancing in science and human knowledge.

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