Queen of Jordan Visits Bam, Accompanied with no Counterpart!

Visit from earthquake region of Bam by Queen of Jordan, with no doubt, highlights her distinguished character compared to her peers in other countries. Very surprising for many in Iran, none of the spouses of the government rulers were present to accompany Mrs. Rami in her trip to Bam. Heads of the government in Iran may try to justify this by making comparison between the two political systems of Iran and Jordan, citing that there is no kingdom in Iran and Iran has no queen to be her counterpart host. Irrelevant of the regime’s response and justification, no woman counterpart in presidential or leadership level to accompany her in earthquake region, more than anything else, elevates her unique and distinguished character in front of the public eyes.

Queen Rania of Jordan talks with 97-year-old Shahrbanoo Mazandarani during a visit to the newly established Red Cross Red Crescent referral hospital in earthquake devastated Bam, Iran

January 7, 2004.

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