Crimes committed by Israel's army and immense support by America in occupied Palestine


Since the Second World War and the crimes of Hitler, humanity has not witnessed crimes as terrible as those being committed today by Israel in occupied Palestine. Since the election of G W Bush as President of the US and the formation of Ariel Sharon's government, the policy being pursued in Israel is one of dispossession of Palestinian land and complete repression of the Palestinian people. As ever, its Zionist ideology drives Israel to violate the rights of the Palestinians, including the right of return of thousands of refugees. Today Sharon continues committing crimes under the pretext of countering terrorism and guaranteeing the safety of his fellow citizens. In 1933 the German Nazi Party promised security and a better life to the Germans and, having obtained the support of big business, gradually installed its bloody dictatorship. Like the Hitlerites, the Zionist regime in Israel is in favour of colonising its neighbours' land. Today, having destroyed Palestinian houses with tanks and bulldozers, the Israelis are installing Zionist colonies on the lands they have forcibly occupied.

Today no sensible person supports mindless terrorism. Nevertheless, one must take account of the conditions in which the Palestinians survive and struggle. It is these conditions, which drive them to suicide attacks and terror tactics. When the Israelis carry out their policies of repression and occupation, are the Palestinians supposed just to cross their arms and be content simply to bury their loved ones?

For 35 years Palestine has been under Israeli occupation. Throughout those years, Israel has never complied with UN resolutions, or with the decisions of the UN Security Council, even though by and large the Oslo Peace Accords were more favourable to them. Today all Palestinian towns and camps are under bombardment from Israeli's heavy artillery. Tanks roll down their avenues and streets. For days the Palestinians have lacked water, electricity and the minimum necessities of existence. At this very moment the headquarters of the Palestinian Authority and Yasser Arafat's residence are in ruins, surrounded by tanks and Israeli soldiers. Thus, Arafat and his close collaborators are without water, electricity and supplies. In these conditions, one has to ask what is terrorism and who are the terrorists? Is it those who fight for their country or those who kill Palestinians while demagogically claiming to be the anti-terrorists?

The US policy of supporting Israel is a kind of terrorism. For some days Colin Powell, US Secretary for Foreign Affairs, has been present in the region. He is presented as a peace negotiator. Nobody believes this so-called negotiator's promises and lies. This US official is travelling round most of the countries in the region while Sharon intensifies his massacres of Palestinians. And obviously when the Israelis have eliminated a sufficient number of revolutionaries and defenceless civilians, and when they have destroyed nearly all the refugee camps, then and only then will Colin Powell, the peace negotiator, decide to meet with Yasser Arafat. In the world today, people loathe and condemn this US and Israeli policy. And certainly the growing opposition to these regimes will hasten their downfall.

The whole Iranian population supports the people of Palestine in their struggle against occupation and for fundamental rights. Every agreement hatched with the US and Israeli regimes with a view to undermining the heroic struggle of the Palestinian people for their country, for democracy and for freedom is a betrayal of the Palestinian people and their legitimate ideals.

12 .04.2002

Organization of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas (OIPFG).

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