Honoring the 23rd Anniversary of the 1979 Uprising.

Remembering the 31st Anniversary of the Seeiahkal Movement.

Dear people,

23 years has gone by from the glorious 1979 uprising. 31 years have past since the heroic and courageous movement of Seeiahkal. February 8th reminds us the day when the heroic and united uprising of the people of Iran toppled the 2500 years of monarchism. February 8th 1970 is considered the beginning of a new era for the new communist movement of Iran. The historical Seeiahkal movement began when the monarchist regime with the support and backing of the U.S. imperialism was in its highest point of authoritative power. In times when under the influence of the reformist left (i.e., Todeh Party) an atmosphere of disparity and hopelessness dominated the whole country, revolutionary outcry of the Organization of Iranian People's Fedaie Guerillas (OIPFG) from the jungles of Seeiahkal shined through and brought with it a new era of enlightenment. People's sufferings from the class exploitation and the continuous sacrifices of the OIPFG finally ignited the latent class-consciousness of the people. From there on groups with revolutionary ideas of arm struggle started to organize and flourish. The underground activities continued to spread into different sectors of the society. The 1979 uprising on February 11th, which toppled the monarchist regime of Iran, was supported and contributed by the struggles which started long before that.

We are honoring these two historical events in a situation where none of the demands of the revolutionary forces have been answered. In comparison with the past, the socio-economic life of the people has worsened drastically. Even though the monarchist regime was overthrown, but the regime which took its place under the name of Islamic Republic of Iran acted with much more savageness and backwardness. In the economic front the new regime supports the most backward form of the socio-economic structure. Although the heads of the Islamic state have accepted main stream capitalism as a cornerstone of their economic principles, but in reality they mainly support the traditional commerce sector (i.e., Bazaar) of the economy. Despite the fact that the manufacturing and the industrial sector from the inception of the Islamic Republic has been associated with all the government's suppressions and have taken part in all the government's turmoil, but the power has been monopolized in the hands of the traditional commerce sector. In a situation like this, the Islamic regime of Iran not only is preventing the society from any real economic development, but also is blocking the society from any technological and scientific advancement.

Despite all the internal turmoil, both factions of the regime when it comes to confronting the people's opposition always have acted with unity. In the last 23 years anytime the very existence of the government has been in jeopardy, all government factions have drawn closer and closer to each other. The reason has been the strong economic bonds, which in a crisis tends to tighten all the connections among all the sectors. The issue, which differentiates the two factions of the government, is not ethics or morality, it is the support, which they get from two different sectors of the economy. Because of the internal contradictions in these two forms of economic ownership the political differences expose themselves in factional fights. Khatami's speeches since coming to power have been bunch of empty and fruitless talks. If Khatami and his faction were willing to follow the self-created constitutions of the Islamic Republic; this regime would not have violated the constitution from day one of its inception.

Contrary to what imperialistic mouthpieces are interpreting and advertising, there is no real difference between the two factions currently in power. The very existence of the two factions depends on the survival of the Islamic Republic in its entirety. The conducts and unjust policies of both factions show that except for the fight over the economic ownership and methods of dictatorial enforcement of the crackdowns, there is no real difference between the two factions. For these factions belief in religious fundamentals has always been the same. Suppressing the people's movement and sharing of the same religious faith has always been the same for both factions. In times of crackdown of the revolutionaries and people's opposition a unified policy has always been enforced. Their worries, and anxieties, their happiness and dreams have always been the same. Their universal belief and their line of thinking towards the outside world have been the same. As a domestic policy building democracyÉand civic societyÉ. are some deceiving talks, which are often used as a scare tactic in factional fighting. These talks are sometimes used for suppressing the people's opposition, or used as pretentious maneuvers by the factions in the government. In the foreign policy front: "dialog among civilizations", freedom of speech, and freethinking are affectionate gestures by Khatami for welcoming the West. Indeed these types of gestures can have domestic use for the western powers, so they can justify their relations with one of the cruelest governments in the history of mankind.

In general economic crisis of the capitalist world can spread the idea of dictatorship and help the survival of the tyrannical regimes. Instigating regional wars and creating regional crisis all over the world has always been in imperial power's agenda. Based on these plans they allow themselves to interfere in other countries internal relations. They "invent" domestic oppositions against the local governments, and from time to time topple their "unruly" dictators and puppets. After Bush and his fellow Republicans takeover in America, their policies towards Iran have taken a different course. On one hand they are letting the representatives of the oil companies, and their secret "missionaries" to visit Iran's heads of states for making economic and political deals. On the other hand, as a safety valve and for completing their scare-tactic policy they are playing their "king" card and introducing Reza Pahlavi, son of the deceased king, as a leader of the opposition forces. It is based on these policies that whims and wishes of the former monarch's son are echoed and advertised in foreign radios in an absurd way. Reza Pahlavi who has never had any serious activities against the Islamic Republic in the past 23 years, now is thinking about getting back the crown, sword, and the throne of his royal family, yet presenting his ideas with a spice of "people's will".

The activities of Reza Pahlavi has gone no further than bringing smiles to his own supporters or causing ridicule among the opposition forces. His remarks are echoed in a way, which makes a person to think that he might be speaking on behalf of the entire opposition or perhaps he is the accepted leader of the people. The events in Afghanistan and return of Zaheer Shah with the U.S. suggestions and pressures has intrigued Mr. Pahlavi to restore the monarchist regime with the help of the United States. Reza Pahlavi and his American operatives should know better that the idea of having royal kingdom as a political system for the future of Iran belong to the historical museums. These types of regimes, no matter how deceivingly portrayed and suggested by Reza Pahlavi, even if it stays as a kingdom without any throne, crown, or any special privileges for the palace staff, it will not be able to deceive the people of Iran.

The former dictatorial regime of Shah was a product of an American coup de-tat. That regime with the support and backing of the West, especially the U.S. inflicted some irreversible damages on the people of Iran. The people of Iran have not forgotten that it was the former king who erected the horrifying prisons of Evin, Ghezel-Hessar, Ghezel-ghale, Adel-Abaad in Shiraz, and the Common Committee in Tehran. It is a fact that Khomeini inherited the legacy of torture from the former government. Former kingdom operatives such as Fardoost, and Ghara-Baghi were the ones who helped to restore the horrifying system of prison and torture. Some of the facts recently released by some former members of the current regime such as Ayatollah Montazeri clearly expose these realities. Ayatollah Montazeri in his political diaries, recently published, talks about his visit with General Moghadam, head of the secret police, Savaak, few months before the 1979 uprising. In this visit General Moghadam passionately advises him by saying, "É. In these years we have learned very valuable lesson, be careful so that the communist cannot infiltrate into your business. Your uprising is a sacred one and it has our respects, but these communists can stab you in the back, watch out. Your activities are for religion and having religious forces on your side is good enough. Why are you investing on individuals, with money that you are getting from donations build religious and economic institutions. By doing it this way not only you protect and preserve the original investment, with its surplus you also can rebuild the religious schoolsÉ.". Aside from these facts, Mr. Reza Pahlavi surely remembers the final days of his father's government when his father suggested to hand over the Royal Council to the new regime. The very same message, which was conveyed to Khomeini by Ayatollah Talaghani, the messengers are still alive. Putting these historical facts next to 23 years of Islamic Republic's cruelties is not difficult to realize that Islamic Republic has been the true carrier of the kingdom legacy. Certainly suggestions made by a person such as Moghadam head of the secret police, Savaak, can not be done without getting the needed permission from the king himself and the U.S. It can be seen that the regime of the royal kingdom in its last moments of survival has tried affectionately to hand over the state crackdown apparatus to "qualified" individuals, so its suppressive capabilities can fully be utilized again. Indeed peaceful co-existence of religion and the royal palace has its historical roots and usually common universe of capitalism plays the rule of the missing link between the two and makes the two complementary to each other. It is not so much out of context to realize why the prayers and blessings of the religious figures have always been with the kings in their journeys and travels. It is in this framework that the deceiving announcement by Reza Pahlavi is perceived as a "courteous" homage to obey the orders of the Republicans headed by Bush. At any moment if the U.S. wishes, Reza Pahlavi can end up being another useless political figure.

As the clock ticks the world is becoming more and more unstable. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the U.S. considers itself as the only unchallenged "king" of the world. The U.S. imperialism under the name of "human rights", and fight against terrorism has committed itself to all kinds of tyrannical and autocratic activities. By using the events of September 11 as a pretext the United States is deploying its forces to many corners of the world on a daily bases. While the U.S. itself is the strongest supporter of the state- terrorism, and dictatorial regimes all over the world, it continues to claim that America is the main center for fight against terrorism.

The United Sates is one of the firm supporters of the criminal policies of Sharon in Israel. While America unconditionally backs the Israeli government, millions of Palestinians are forced out of their homes; a constant shelling by Israel, in a most cruel and savage way, targets them every day. America is supporting a regime, which has occupied Palestine for more than 35 years, a regime, which does not want its people to live with other nations of the wold with equal bases. Even though Jews are scattered all over the world and live in different countries, but by occupying Palestine they have built a country which nobody but Jews can live there. With what kinds of morality can someone condone more than three decades of Israel's occupation and ask Palestinians to remain silent and not to fight. The struggle of Palestinian people in any shape or form is their absolute right and has the support of all the freedom fighters.

The fact is, for a long time, America in the role of international police considers its right to interfere in other countries business. One day for the interest of the oil companies, someone with the name of Molla-Omar gets imposed on the people of Afghanistan, and millions of dollars in money and arms is provided to Ben-Laden to kill more from Russians. The other day when a self-created terrorist, Ben-Laden, becomes "unmanageable", America expects all the other countries to cooperate with the United States in order to kill and destroy terrorists, otherwise they will be considered culprits of Ben-Laden and Molla-Omar. If there is going to be any kind of judging, nobody but the United States is the one responsible for all these crimes.

The war, which was imposed on Afghanistan under the name of "fight against terrorism", is not in the interest of the people of Afghanistan. America's victories are nothing but a propaganda war. It seems when the United States deployed its forces to Afghanistan, it was after Ben-Laden and Molla-Omar, why then after all these destruction of towns and villages still do not know where Ben-Laden and Molla-Omar are and what has happened to them. These realities show that America has not achieved its goal and there is no victory. The fanfare, which America is selling to its people as a "victories in Afghanistan", has domestic consumption and is for boosting the morals which feels defeated after the blow of the September 11. If the United States does not stop its bombing of Afghanistan sooner or later will have no choice but to accept a defeat and even its new and fresh puppet, Hammed Karzaiee, will be swept away by the mounting public pressure. Instigating tribal conflicts to shore up warlords' support might help the central government in a short run, but dividing the people of Afghanistan to Pashtoons, Tajiks, Hezarehs, Ozbacks, andÉ. is a reactionary concept and in a long run will create new Molla-Omars and Ben-Ladens. While the Europeans are removing their borders, and have created a single currency to help their economic growth, at the same time are writing prescriptions for Afghanistan. They are spending money and helping Afghan leaders to ignite the ethnic conflicts between Pashtoons, Tajics, Hezarehs, Ozback and others to prevent a possible damage to the West's interests.

The main purpose of the war in Afghanistan has not been the arrest of Molla-Omar or Ben-Laden. This scenario has been written and directed by the oil companies, the very same minority who put the Bush in power. If the goal was to remove the Taliban regime from power, regime with that name no longer exists, why then the defenseless villages of Afghanistan are under constant bombing. The issue of Molla-Omar disappearing into mountains what has to do, if any, with the preparations to attack Iraq or to threaten Iran, or North Korea. Threats made by George Bush shows that, behind all these conspiracies are the interests of American oil companies, which for a long time have had their greedy eyes on the Caspian Sea oil reserves. They perceive a situation where they can put their hands on the Caspian Sea oil reserves somewhat similar to what they have in Persian Gulf. This way they can impose more control on the former Soviet Union republics. America who is considering itself as a leader of the capitalist world, now with about 15% increase in its defense budget is preparing for more regional wars. These types of preparations, and attacks have no meaning and can only be explained in a context of militaristic and fascist agendas.

In the minds of American policy makers "human rights" means protecting the U.S. interests all over the world. When Bush declared the war against Afghanistan, the talk was to have a genuine war. Now that the Taliban regime is toppled, by violating the international laws, the U.S. has transferred some of the people who were arrested or captured to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and claims they are not considered political prisoners, or prisoners of war. Acts like these show that the U.S. is seeking a preferential treatment from the rest of the world and sees no reason for America to follow the Geneva Convention Acts. In reality the proclaimed "human rights" by the United States is nothing but protecting the interests of the capitalist conglomerates.

We think in a situation like this it is the responsibility of the revolutionary, and progressive forces of Iran to pay more attention to the criticality of the situation that we are in, and try to unite. With more unity organize their struggle against the Islamic Republic of Iran. The workers uprisings in the last few months in Tehran, Esfahan, and Rasht, and recent teachers' demonstrations in Tehran and other cities are clear indications that the people's struggle is growing. For the people of Iran there is no other alternative left but to topple the Islamic Republic of Iran and establish a democratic government through an arm struggle. To achieve this we must unite.

Organization of Iranian People's Fedaii Guerillas (OIPFG).

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