Safar Ghahremanian (Safar-Khan) Symbol of Resistance and Defiance against

the Dictatorial Regime of Shah Died.

Safar Ghahremanian one of the longest-held political prisoners of Iran died at 12:00 midnight last Saturday(9 Nov 2002). He was suffering from an illness. In last few months he was under constant medical treatment and finally at 4:00 P.M. last Friday, for the last time, he was transferred to the Mehr hospital in Tehran where he died in peace. His funeral will be held on Wednesday at 9:00 P.M. at Emam-Zadeh Taher cemetery. We invite everybody including our comrades to participate in his funeral.

Safar-Khan spent 33 years of his life in Shah’s prisons. From the moment that he joined the armed struggle of Democratic Fergheh of Azarbaiejan to the moment that he peacefully passed away he never stopped fighting for his ideals. Many years of fighting and 33 years of resistance in Shah’s terrifying prisons such as Borazjan prison gained him the respect and the admiration of the public. Sometimes even the prison guards showed him respect for his long-lasting resistance. 33 years of resistance at the time when the government violated the very basic rights of the political prisoners was a symbol of hope and solidarity for the people of Iran. His determination and decisiveness made him a symbol of resistance and hope against the dictatorship. His determination and struggle gained him the trust of all his comrades and fellow inmates. He was loved and admired in and out of prison until he died. We are all sadden for a loss of a trustworthy friend and a loving comrade.

Even though after the fall of the Shah’s dictatorial regime Safar-Khan was freed from the prison, but the new regime prohibited him from participating in any political activity. He was stopped, searched, and beaten over and over by the secret police of the new regime for no apparent reason. Over and over the government forces broke into his house to search for a document or some kind of evidence to connect him to the activities of his comrades. He never gave in to the threats and pressures of the government and never turned his back to his people.

His Name Be Honored.
Long Live Resistance.

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